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Sixth Avenue Closes Sixth Store

North Bergen, N.J. – Sixth
Avenue Electronics shut a sixth location yesterday after shuttering three Philadelphia-area
stores and two northern New Jersey sites last month.

The latest closure was a
leased property here that served the Jersey City market. Operations VP Tom
Galanis said the lease had expired and traffic there was largely dependent on
public transportation, which rendered the store unproductive.

No further closings are
planned for the immediate future, he said.

The privately held A/V
specialty chain now operates 13 stores in New Jersey and Long Island, N.Y. Galanis
said one benefit of the retrenchment is the consolidation of its top sales
associates throughout its remaining locations.

Last month the company left
the Philadelphia market, closed two older New Jersey stores, and dropped
several non-A/V categories in an effort to return Sixth Avenue to its core A/V
and custom-install competencies, abandon its recent promotional positioning,
and refocus on its core New York metro area market, executives said.