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Sirius, XACT Launch New Sat. Radio

New York — Sirius Satellite Radio launched a new plug-and-play satellite radio receiver from XACT Communications.

The radio resembles a cellphone and is the first plug-and-play satellite radio receiver that can function as a home radio without the need for a special kit, Sirius said. The unit will initially sell through the Home Shopping Network on Aug. 14 during a show running from 11:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. EST.

Called the Sirius XACT XTR1 Stream Jockey, the unit uses a next-generation Sirius processor. It can be used as a stand-alone receiver, connected to speakers or headphones, or it can be connected to a home or car kit.It is also the first receiver to come with a universal (combined) home and car kit option. The unit has a six-line display, internal wireless FM transmitter and will be offered with three boombox options. It will be available at $99 plus $59 for the universal docking station or $49 for the separate home and car kits.The Home Shopping Network will offer the Stream Jockey plus universal docking kit for a special price on August 14 of $149.Sirius said this is the first satellite radio receiver to be offered on the Home Shopping Network.

Sirius said general retail distribution of the Stream Jockey will be in September with boomboxes to follow in the fourth quarter at a price to be announced.

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