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Sirius Adds Target, Kmart; New Glass Mount Antenna

New York — Sirius Satellite Radio announced that its radios will be available through Target and Kmart stores this quarter in addition to Office Depot.

The company also said it will offer promotional rebates on hardware and dealer gift cards starting in November, and it will launch a “Ride With the Big Dog” advertising campaign focusing on Sirius music, as well as an ad campaign in movie theaters with U.S. Electronics to promote the Sirius Stream Jockey.

The company said it has increased its consumer awareness to 45 percent and expects that to gain further with the announcement that Howard Stern will air exclusively on Sirius in 2006. It also said that its retail market share for August totaled 43 percent, according to NPD Techworld, Port Washington, N.Y.

Sirius further announced that it is offering the first interior glass mount antenna for automobiles vs. the current antennas, which are all exterior. The new SIGMA antenna was developed by Sirius and RecepTec to offer an aesthetic advantage over the current exterior antennas.SIGMA mounts in the shaded sun band of a vehicle’s front windshield and has no exposed wiring.Sirius said the antenna also reduces costs by eliminating pre-wiring associated with factory installations and allows faster factory and dealer installations.

In vehicle placements, Sirius said it will be offered in Volvo cars for the first time beginning in early January 2005 as a retailer-installed accessory and in the new Mercedes-Benz Roadster SLK350 as a dealer-installed option for $679 plus installation, including a 14-month subscription. This is in addition to the announcement yesterday that Sirius will be offered as a factory option on all BMW models, including the popular 3 series vehicles.