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SIM2 Unveils Compact 3-Chip DLP Projector

Looking to grow its share of the high-end home theater display market, SIM2 USA unveiled, here, a three-chip DLP front projector, which is among the most compact in its class.

The Grand Cinema C3X features a rounded contour silver-gray cabinet design that is similar to and only slightly larger than some of SIM2’s compact one-chip DLP models. The cabinet measures 17.1 inches by 7.5 inches by 16.9 inches, and weighs 24 pounds. SIM2 said the unit will be one-third the size of any three-chip DLP projector on the market.

The C3X also is said to offer a 6,500:1 contrast ratio — among the highest available for a DLP projector — using a combination of a new SIM2 designed three-chip light engine and three 0.8-inch Dark Chip 3 Digital Micro-mirror Devices (DMD) from Texas Instruments. Resolution of the chips is said to be 1,280 by 720 with 4.4 trillion colors.

SIM2’s proprietary ALPHA Path three-chip light engine will be used exclusively with SIM2 products, the company said. The light-engine design resizes the illumination optical path to maintain length and compactness. This enables the C3X to achieve high picture quality from a significantly smaller space.

Video processing/de-interlacing is handled using a new Faroudja 2310 chip.

Image brightness is said to be 2,500 ANSI lumens using one 250 watt UHP lamp. SIM2 said the projector is 25 percent brighter than its closest competition and offers 40 percent higher contrast performance.

The projector was also designed for extremely low audible noise operation, using a new “auto” function that adapts and optimizes fan speeds, reducing temperatures and fan noise, while maximizing overall processing power.

Because the unit uses three DMD chips, no color wheel is necessary, reducing further any picture artifacts.

The company will seek to expand its share of the high-end projector market by offering the C3X at an aggressive price point for its class. The front projector, which is slated to ship in September, will carry a $17,999 suggested retail price for the projector alone.

Two lens options will also be offered in 1.5-2:1 and 2-3:1 configurations for an additional $1,995 each, bringing the projector and lens package to just under $20,000.

Upon the release of the C3X, SIM2 said it will reposition its entire single-chip DLP line to take into account the low price point of the new flagship three-chip model.