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Sim2 Seleco Unveils 16:9 DLP Projector

Sim2 Seleco, the Italian manufacturer of precision home theater video projectors, formally unveiled for the press here its newest front projector based on Texas Instruments HD-1 widescreen DMD chip for Digitial Light Processing displays.

The HT300 high definition projector will be the new flagship of the firm’s Grand Cinema DLP projector line. The unit, which is shipping this month at a $14,995.95 suggested retail price, lists resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, with native 720p HDTV support in full 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

It also incorporates Faroudja’s DCDi chipset for deinterlacing standard video source material. The system employs the 3/2 pulldown process for accurately converting 24 frame per second film material to 30fpm video.

The company’s U.S. sales operation, which is based in Miramar, Fla., will send to HT300 to U.S. dealers first, before rolling out to other regions of the world in early 2002. Sim2 Seleco now controls U.S. sales and distribution on its own, after recently taking over its U.S. distributor — Owl.

The complete U.S. Seleco projector line now includes. Five Grand Cinema DLP models, and four CRT-based front projectors.