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Miramar, Fla. - High-end home-theater projector manufacturer


will be celebrating its 15th anniversary year by introducing a series of advanced new projector designs, promotions and events in key U.S. cities.

Alberto Fabiano, SIM2 USA executive VP, will be touring the country, visiting key custom integrators and designers to help support the lineup.

"Over the past year, SIM2 has invested over $5 million dollars to develop, design, and manufacture an evolutionary line of products in our facility in Pordenone, Italy," said Fabiano. "The new line of home-entertainment products offers the look and feel of luxury. This is consistent with our basic mission that all customers should experience the same reference quality from SIM2, be it in styling, features, service or support. We are proud to say that SIM2 has been providing home entertainment excellence for 15 years -- as we look forward, we are inspired by our past to propel our future."

The first of the new products are the compact Crystal 35 and Crystal 45 projectors, which were designed to fit a variety of spaces in a home. They offer FullHD single-chip DLP engines and a new cabinet designed from industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini.

The Crystal-series look includes bold, straight edges with a contemporary appearance. Both models are offered in glass surfaced white or black.

For SIM2 3D Cinema, the company will showcase the high brightness, three-chip, single-lens C3X Lumis 3D Solo, which is called a "theater-grade projector." Based on the company's award-winning C3X Lumis projector, it is enhanced with SIM2's PureMotion 3D active technology.

The 3D Solo is said to be well suited for large-screen home cinema rooms and is a good solution for avid sports fans, film enthusiasts and gamers.

The Solo comes standard with four pairs of Xpand 3D powered active glasses. SIM2 is also offering the C3X Lumis 3D HC, a DCI 3D system for accurate color control designed, among other applications, for postproduction facilities.

"SIM2 is in the privileged position of offering both a single-projector active 3D and dual-projector passive 3D models," said Fabiano. "Our initiative for home cinema remains clear -- we continue to deliver the most advanced solutions our customers can buy, while pushing the boundaries of this exciting technology with advances in innovation that can be afforded only by a manufacturer with an in-house research team of optical, software and hardware engineers."

All of the new projectors are shipping now. The Crystal 35 and 45 are available in white or black, at suggested retails of $6,500 and $8.500, respectively.

The C3X Lumis 3D Solo carries a $50,000 suggested retail, and the C3X Lumis 3D HC carries a $55,000 suggested retail.


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