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Shure Debuts Four Headphones

Shure is unveiling four sound-isolating earphones at International CES, on display at South 3, booth 30342.

The $149 SE210 is designed with a high-definition MicroSpeaker to provide full-range audio distinguished by an optimal high frequency response. The SE210 includes a deluxe fit kit for a comfortable, secure listening experience. The $249 SE310 utilizes a high-definition MicroSpeaker with Tuned BassPort technology. That feature enables extended range audio and enhanced bass for optimal high frequencies and enhanced low-end performance, according to the company.

The SE310 also includes a deluxe fit kit and features dual TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers — a dedicated tweeter and woofer — the $349 SE420 delivers a detailed sound stage. An internal crossover sends lower and higher frequencies to dedicated drivers so that lows, mids and highs are distinct and defined. The SE420 also includes a premium fit kit.

Formerly Shure’s E500, the $449 SE530 represents the bridge between the E Series and the new line of sound-isolating earphones; it been renamed the SE530 to signify its place as the flagship of Shure earphones. The SE530 features triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers — a dedicated tweeter and dual woofers. A rich, elegant design is rounded out by a premium fit kit. The SE530PTH also includes the Shure Push-To-Hear Control, an industry first for sound-isolating earphones.

To ensure a personalized, secure fit and maximum sound isolation, each of Shure’s new sound-isolating earphones comes with a variety of sleeve options and custom accessories. The SE210 and SE310 feature Shure’s deluxe fit kit, and a premium fit kit is included with SE420 and SE530 models. Shure’s new sound-isolating earphones will begin to be available to consumers worldwide in February and will carry a two-year limited warranty.