Sherbourn Readies Home Theater Pre/Pros


Franklin, Tenn. - Sherbourn plans to introduce a pair of 7.1-channel preamp/processors.

The $2,499-suggested PT-7030 will ship early in the second quarter, and the $2,599-suggested PT-7020C4 with optional integrated Control4 home-control module will ship sometime during the summer.

 Sherbourn was

acquired in late 2010

 by Jade Design, an ODM/OEM home and professional audio product developer that also sells direct to consumers under the Emotiva brand.

 Sherbourn's PT-7030 incorporates drivers for all major home automation systems, enabling it to integrate with those system's controllers. It also features discrete parametric equalization for each channel, enabling installers to correct for a room's acoustics deficiencies.

 The three-zone 7030 features Twin Cirrus 32-bit dual-core DSP processors to deliver 192kHz/24-bit  audio, and it features Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital True HD, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS HD, DTS Master Audio and DTS Neo 6 surround decoding.

Other features include six HDMI 1.4a inputs and two HDMI 1.4a outputs with Deep Color, Audio Return Channel and CEC.

The 7030 also features Genesis Torino 10-bit video scaling engine to scale video from its three composite and two component-video inputs to 1080p over HDMI. The preamp/processor also converts HDMI inputs to 1080i component video. 

The 7030's USB port charges iPods, iPhones and iPads and streams their audio. An optional Bluetooth dongle will add stereo Bluetooth streaming.

Other features include Faroudja DCDi Cinema Format Conversion and Truelife video enhancer, Ethernet control capability, RS232 port, and graphical OSD for setup and operation over HDMI or component outputs. It will come with five-year warranty.

At $2,599, the PT-7024, whose shipment has been delayed, will accept an optional $499 Control4 home-automation controller module, which incorporates wireless ZigBee, Ethernet port, and ability to stream music from the Internet and from a networked PC.

Incorporating Control4 home-automation technology in the preamp/processor rather than relying on an outboard Control 4 controller reduces cost and installation time and allows for tighter integration with a home-AV system, the company said.

  The module's OSD outputs over HDMI to appear over live video on a TV display. Other features include Genesis Torino 10-bit video processing, Faroudja DCDi Cinema Format Conversion and Truelife video enhancer, twin Cirrus 32-bit dual-core DSP processors for 192kHz/24-bit audio performance, support for the same surround decoders as the 7030, HDMI 1.3b inputs and outputs with Deep Color, automatic Cirrus/Sherbourn multichannel room calibration and speaker setup with included microphone, HDMI 1080p upscaling from analog video inputs, conversion of HDMI inputs to 1080i component-video output, and balanced inputs and outputs. It will come with five-year warranty.


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