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Sharp’s 70-Inch LED LCD TV Gets Major Ad Campaign

New York – Sharp Electronics has launched today an
advertising and marketing campaign for its 70-inch LED LCD TV.

it “Big is Too Small a Word” the campaign backs what Sharp claims is currently
the largest LCD TV on the market in the U.S. Sharp did not release the ad and
marketing budget numbers for the campaign.

The broadcast ads will appear between May 27 and July 4 on
national broadcast and cable programming that includes top-tier sports events
(NBA Playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup, NASCAR, Major League Baseball and the U.S.
Open), as well as on cable mainstays such as Discovery Channel and History
Channel. Print ads will appear in national news publications from the
campaign’s launch date through August.

Online advertising will run from the campaign’s launch
throughout the summer and include banner ads on tech-oriented Web sites such as
cnet, Gizmodo and Engadget, as well as on entertainment and retail sites
including and search sites like Google and Yahoo. The campaign will
be very visible on Sharp’s Web site


chief marketing officer Bob Scaglione said in a statement that the campaign is
designed to reach its target demographic of males aged 35 to 54.

In-store activation of the campaign will keep Sharp’s
70-inch class (69.5-inches diagonal) TV in consumers’ faces right up to the
point of purchase. Elements include in-store television network ads, sidewalk
signs, 70-inch class TV graphic panels attached to floor models, end cap
displays and a one-page circular that is customized to individual retail chains
or stores.

of the ads and marketing elements feature graphics of a man with one of the new
70-inch TV models positioned at shoulder level, and with his head displayed
extra large across the entire screen, the company said.

copy features whimsical made-up words including “Spectacularge,” “Viewmongous”
and “Magnormous” to describe the large screen viewing experience it delivers.

Sharp will also give consumers a chance to put their own
faces and made-up big words in “mock ads” that can be shared with friends via
the Sharp AQUOS

Facebook page


). A simple interface will allow for the uploading
of photos and words into the format of the original Sharp ads. Once the piece
is completed, all of the user’s Facebook friends will receive a notification
that will allow them to vote for their favorite big word and create their own.
Creators of the words with the most votes will win a 70-inch Sharp TV.