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Sharp Shows ‘Highest-Resolution TV’

LAS VEGAS – Sharp is bringing to International CES what it called “the highest-resolution 4K UHD TV” yet available, made possible by new pixel-splitting technology.

The new Sharp Aquos 4K UHD TV will use technology similar to that employed in its Q+ line of FullHD TVs last year. The system also employs Sharp’s four-pixel-color Quattron technology for the first time in a 4K UHD-quality LED LCD panel.

Ultra HD will be a big part of Sharp’s message for 2015. The company plans to quadruple the number of 4K UHD TVs in its assortment, offering multiple series of 4K UHD.

The company said it also plans to reveal new display technologies applied to screens beyond the living room. The company will change the functionality and form of large-screen TVs to commercial signage, and smaller screens like those in the car, phone and wearables.

Sharp will also be showing this week its borderless Sharp Aquos Crystal phone and new automotive displays that look and function in entirely new ways.

The pixel-splitting 4K TV, which will be released in an 80-inch screen size, is able to take a 3,840 by 2,160 resolution screen and boost that to a variation on 7,680 by 4,320 resolution.

Sharp said the TV splits pixels in half vertically and enables subpixel areas to independently create separate color values resulting in 66 million independently controlled subpixels.

This is 42 million more subpixels than standard 4K UHD and will be the highest-resolution TV available in 2015, Sharp believes.

For additional impact, Sharp combines its pixel splitting with its Quattron technology, which adds a yellow subpixel to the standard red, green and blue for a billion more shades of color. The set also includes Sharp’s Spectros Rich Color Display technology, which is an improved LED backlight system that provides a wider color spectrum than conventional LED TVs.

The set also offers full-array LED backlighting for deep contrast and black-level performance that is further enhanced with built in High Dynamic Range Technology.

Also added is the company’s next-generation upscaler technology. The set will support 4K UHD content streaming using both HEVC/H.265 and VP9 codecs and Sharp’s SmartCentral 4.0 platform with Android TV, capable of accessing Google Play TV apps.

Sharp said it is further expanding its 4K UHD offerings in 2015 with the Aquos 4K Ultra HD UB30, UE30 and UH30 model series.

Additionally, the Sharp Aquos 4K UHD lines will be available in expanded screen sizes, 43 inches through 80 inches with SmartCentral 4.0 with Andriod TV in two series.

The UB30 4K UHD series will feature the 43-, 50-, 55- and 65-inch screen sizes and will include Sharp’s new Revelation up-scaler. The 65-inch will include local dimming technology and all will include the Sharp SmartCentral 3.0 smart-TV platform with support for 4K UHD streaming sources.

Meanwhile, the UE30 series will include the 60-, 70- and 80-inch screen sizes and will include AquoMotion 480 fast motion smoothing, AquoDimming technology and the step-up SmartCentral 4.0 with Android TV platform.

The Aquos UH30 series features the 70- and 80-inch screen sizes and adds THX 4K-certification, Spectros Rich Color expanded color gamut technology, Aquo- Motion 960 refresh rate and AquoDimming.