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Sharp Gets ‘Aggressive’ In LCD TV Ad Campaign

Sharp formally announced at CEDIA Expo, here, the launch of its “most aggressive advertising and brand campaign in our history,” said Bob Scaglione, Sharp Consumer Electronics Marketing Group senior VP.

The campaign, which is reportedly part of a global advertising program slated this year, will launch Sept. 12, and will feature 60-second television spots titled “More To See.”

“The objective of the campaign is to solidify the Sharp brand as well as further solidify our leadership position in the fast-growing liquid crystal display category,” Scaglione said.

On the first day of its launch, the spot — which stresses Sharp’s LCD TVs — was scheduled to run on NFL on FOX, 60 Minutes and ESPN. After that the campaign will expand to include five different television spots for entertainment, sports and news programs, and will run “throughout and after 2004,” Scaglione said. Starting in October, the campaign will shift to three spots called “Perspectives.” Each will highlight one specific Aquos benefit: color, detail and sound. These spots will air on cable, prime time and sports programming.

The campaign will employ a coordinated Web site, which will be referenced in the television spots to help consumers gather more information on Sharp’s Aquos and new Open Aquos LCD TVs. Print spots will also be employed in publications targeting the campaign’s demographic.

The campaign will target approximately 28 million people across a variety of ages and household income levels. The audience will be comprised of “sports fans, techies, entertainment junkies or design enthusiasts,” Scaglione said.