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Sensory Science Ships Sub $400 Hi-Fi Dual Deck

Sensory Science is shipping a new line of Go-Video-branded Dual-Deck VCRs, including the first Hi-Fi stereo model priced at less than $400.

The Dual-Deck line includes six models in total, four of which are Hi-Fi stereo capable. All have been restyled, and prices have been adjusted by as much as $100 lower than comparable models from last year, the company said.

All models feature: one-touch copying and recording; simultaneous playback of one tape while recording another program; simultaneous dual-program recording; automatic assemble editing of up to eight scenes; and continuous relay recording and playback capability between decks, enabling endless loop playback.

New features include VCR+Plus C3, which offers a one-step VCR and cable box setup solution, super high-speed rewind, long-lasting Durahead technology, and QSound circuitry that enhances two-channel audio playback.

The company will continue to offer both vertically stacked and horizontally mounted deck configurations, but cabinets have been restyled with contour molding and dual color tones to get away from the “black-box” look and feel, Go-Video said.

The company said it was able to reduce costs and maintain strong dealer margins in part through new ASIC designs. “With the addition of our new custom integrated circuits, we can offer superior value to consumers while we continue to enhance dealer margins,” said Ralph Palaia, Sensory Science marketing and sales senior VP.

Model GV6650 (stacked configuration) has dual Hi-Fi decks and auto clock-setting capability at a $399 estimated street retail. At the same price point, the DDV9150 (horizontal deck layout) offers dual four-head mono decks with onscreen titling and editing capabilities.

Other horizontally configured models include the DDV9550, which offers dual Hi-Fi recording decks with onboard editing features. The step-up DDV9650 ($499 estimated street) offers VCR Plus+ C3 and “audio-perfect” surround-sound copying technology.

The top-of-the-line horizontal model, DDV9750 ($599), is a dual Hi-Fi system with S-VHS playback capability and QSound surround-sound enhancement for two-channel systems.

New all-mono Dual-Decks start at a $299 estimated street retail. Entry models include the GV6025 (stacked), which features four-head and two-head monaural decks, while the DDV9150 is a horizontally configured machine with dual four-head mono decks.

Sensory Science is currently shipping the line to its dealer network of over 7,000 outlets, including Circuit City, Sears and Sam’s Club. The company is also selling to online e-tailers and catalogs, according to a Sensory Science statement.