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Sensio Receives 3-D Patent

Montreal — Sensio Technologies, developer of Sensio 3-D video technologies, said it was granted its first main patent for distribution and formatting technology of stereoscopic contents on different 2-D or 3-D screens.

The patent covers the method that has been developed and marketed by Sensio for many years, allowing the distribution of 3-D content over conventional 2-D distribution channels. Sensio originally filed for the patent in 2003.

“The acquisition of this first patent is a major event in our company’s history, because it confirms the legitimacy and solidity of our intellectual property towards studios and manufacturers and supports our licensed business sales model. Going forward, our customers and partners wishing to use the Sensio 3-D technology will be able to move ahead by knowing that they can rely on a solid basis and on a clearly defined intellectual property, which puts us in a favorable position vis-à-vis our competitors. With this patent in hand and the recently announced developments, we believe that we have significantly increased our chances to become the 3-D distribution standard for the consumer market,” said Nicholas Routhier, Sensio’s president and CEO.

Sensio said the patent gives it exclusive U.S. operating rights for its compression and decompression method. The patent extends beyond the home-theater market to the professional, personal computer and mobile telephone markets.

It takes effect as of the date of the filing of the application in 2003, and remains in force for a period of 20 years, Sensio said. The company said the same patent was also filed in China, Europe, Japan, India and Canada.

Sensio said it filed for additional patents in 2004 covering different applications of the technology as the technology evolves. Three other patent applications were filed during the last six months, and they are currently following the normal certification procedure.