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Sensio, Hisense Ink 3DTV Tech Agreement

Montreal, Canada — Sensio Technologies said Wednesday that it has reached an agreement with Chinese TV manufacturer Hisense Electric Co. (HEC) to integrate Sensio Hi-Fi 3D and Sensio S2D Switch technologies in Hisense 3DTVs.

The agreement covers every market in the world.

Sensio Hi-Fi 3D is a frame-compatible technology for high-fidelity stereoscopic signal processing easily integrated into display products.

The proprietary Sensio S2D Switch enables users to switch viewing mode of a 3D feed from 3D to 2D or between different 3D view modes.

It supports the most popular frame-compatible formats covered by HDMI 1.4a, and is used by service providers supporting 3D today: side-by-side (SbS), top-and-bottom       (TaB), and Sensio Hi-Fi 3D.

“Working with Sensio and adopting its premium-quality technologies will definitely bring an added value to our products and will provide the highest 3D experience to our customers,” stated Shao Jiancheng, HEC vice general manager. “Furthermore, Sensio’s format is a decisive component to distinguish ourselves from the competition in terms of quality and innovation. We are convinced that combining efforts and expertise with a company as innovative and dynamic as Sensio will definitely enhance our international influence as well as our strategic positioning in the 3D industry.”

Hisense Electric reportedly has the most advanced DTV production lines in China, with annual output of 16.1 million color TVs.

 “We are thrilled to have signed this agreement with Hisense, a true leader in the Chinese consumer electronics market. It is a significant recognition of the high quality of our format and confirms our leading position in China, one of the utmost priorities for Sensio in the near future,” said Nicholas Routhier, Sensio president and CEO. “Moreover, this agreement is an additional confirmation of the relevance of our System on Chips (SoC) strategy. By integrating our Sensio Hi-Fi 3D decoder in the most popular chips, we have reduced the sales cycle significantly and made it very easy for CE manufacturers to support our award-winning format. This is one of the reasons behind our recent successes and we are very optimistic about the months to come.”