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Sennheiser Offers 2 Wireless, 3 ‘Optimized Sound’ Headphones

Sennheiser introduced two lower-priced cordless headphones at CES called the RS 110 and RS 120 wireless open dynamic stereo headphones, which offer a new look and new technology.

Both gray-black, lightweight units offer “superb” sound quality of 22-19, 500Hz response, with total harmonic distortion held to 0.7 percent, unexpected in lower-priced models, said the Old Lyme, Conn.-based company.

The RS 110 comes with two standard alkaline AAA cells for a suggested $89.95 suggested retail, while the RS 120, with rechargeable cells, and charging initiation whenever the headphones are returned to the transmitter’s “hook,” has a $120 suggested retail.

The transmitter unit is small enough to place on top or aside most home stereo audio sources, or can accommodate wall mounting. Both models offer three channels of transmission, allowing the user to have multiple systems running in the same environment. A volume adjustment is provided on each headphone. Shipping is slated for January.

Three new 500 Series headphones, from Sennheiser, are said to offer the industry’s first optimized acoustic channel coupling improvements, that angle audio more directly into a listener’s ear.

The HD 515 is optimized for consumers that primarily listen to stereo (not surround) music, with accuracy from 14-26, 500Hz. It has ultra-efficient drivers so it works well with portable audio devices. Suggested retail is $109.95.

The HD 555 is for users who prefer a more theatrical experience. It offers a Surround Reflector for more spatial listening and is well suited for home theater. Suggested retail is $169.95.

The top-of-the-line HD 595 is the best performer in the 500 Series, suited to demanding audiophiles who listen to SACD and audio DVD recordings. It incorporates a special diaphragm geometry that minimizes inter-modulation distortion, while delivering 12-38, 500Hz response, with harmonic distortion of 0.1 percent. Suggested retail is $289.95.

The 500 Series headphones are said to be the first to incorporate the Sennheiser “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” system, which slightly angles the acoustic baffle within each ear cup to assure that sound projects precisely parallel to the ear. The improved acoustic coupling helps optimize the ergonomic participation of ears in the listening process.

The HD 555 and HD 595 offer comfort-conscious designs that include breathable and moisture-regulating ear pads, a one-sided cable fitting and light weight. The headband shape flows smoothly from the sides of each ear cup, said the company.