Sennheiser Adds To Adidas Line

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Old Lyme, Conn. - Sennheiser announced additions to its Sports line of Adidas headphones.

Four new models were added to the line, all featuring a hands-free remote and microphone for use with the iPhone. The music will pause and restart automatically as calls are taken and completed, and a cable clip is designed to keep the mic in place.

CX 680i

A button on the remote control can play, pause or skip tracks depending on how long it is pressed. If iPhone Voice Control is activated, users can dial a telephone number or select a track simply by speaking into the microphone, Sennheiser said.

The four models include the CX 680i ear-canal headset, $129; MX 680i ear buds headset, $89.95; OMX 680i ear clips, $89.95; and PMX 680i neckband, $89.95.

As with the other Adidas headphones, these can be rinsed under the tap after workouts.


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