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Seagate Turbo To Include SafetyNet Recovery Software

Cupertino, Calif. –
Seagate today introduced the GoFlex Turbo external hard drive, which is bundled
with its SafetyNet data recovery software.

This is the first time
Seagate has included a data-recovery service with the price of the drive

The two GoFlex Turbo SKUs
are now available at Best Buy. The drives are USB 3.0 with a spin rating of
7,200 rpm. The 500GB model has a $119 suggested retail, while the 750GB version
will cost $139.

The SafetyNet program included in the unit’s price covers a
single recovery attempt on the drive during the two-year period. The recovery
will entail either a remote fix or the drive would have to be sent to Seagate.
The company does not guarantee the data can be recovered.