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Schwabs Take The A.M. Shift At D&H Warehouse

Harrisburg, Pa. –
Co-presidents Dan Schwab and Michael Schwab of D&H Distributing spent the
morning of Dec. 7 lending a hand at the company’s Harrisburg warehouse.

The co-presidents
are undertaking this seasonal holiday visit for the second year in a row, to
show support for D&H’s ESOP co-owners and to assist during a time when the
workload at this site typically more than doubles. 

In addition to
helping with shipping and packaging tasks such as sorting, “picking” and
assembling goods for individual orders, the Schwabs took the time to recognize
56 employee/co-owners at the distribution center who have more than five years
of tenure, respectively.  About 46
percent of team members at this location have logged five or more years of
service there. 

“Having a staff with
a long-term investment in the company definitely translates to delivering a
great service model, so we like to celebrate that,” said Dan Schwab about the
day’s visit.  “Customer satisfaction
stems from a team that has a passion for the job and dedication to the
company.  This way, our co-owners are
always looking for ways to evolve our customer service and vendor