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CEDIA Expo 2009 Carmel, Ind. - Schlage will bring its own booth to the CEDIA Expo for the first time along with programs for installers and a custom-dedicated product.

Earlier this year, Schlage launched home automation products based on the Z-Wave wireless mesh-network standard. The products include door locks, keypad-equipped deadbolts, plug-in light-control modules, network cameras, a thermostat from sister brand Trane, and the Schlage Bridge, which connects to a home's existing router and enables consumers to control their Z-Wave system remotely from a Web-enabled PC or cellphone.

Although Schlage's Z-Wave devices are available through do-it-yourself retail channels, the company is also positioning its products as entry-level home-automation solutions that installers can target to consumers with little time or acumen to do it themselves. Installers can target the retrofit products to previous custom customers or to new customers, the company said.

For previous customers, installers can enhance the desirability of Schlage's Z-Wave product by offering a planned RS-232 to Z-Wave adapter, which will integrate the control of Z-Wave products into previously installed home-control systems. The adapter supports Z-Wave's secure-device and lock-device class profiles, which extend Z-Wave control to battery-equipped locks. To date, only Schlage is offering Z-Wave-equipped locks to consumers, said product manager Steve Samolinski.

The Schlage adapter will be previewed at the CEDIA Expo and will be available only to custom installers in the first quarter of next year.

To support sales of the device and its other Z-Wave products, Schlage tapped distributor ADI and launched two installer-oriented programs. The Home Automation Starter Kit program enables installers to order Schlage products on a mix-and-match basis and with no minimum orders. Products are shipped as the order is received. In addition, Schlage is launching a Personal Use promotion allowing installers to buy the products through ADI at a substantial discount for installation in their showroom, home or office.

At next month's Expo in Atlanta, Schlage will also team with ADI to offer product training.

Schlage also offers the LiNK System, which lets homeowners remotely monitor and control Schlage's Z-Wave locks, network cameras, light modules, and Trane thermostat from web-enabled PCs and cellphones. From a remote location, consumers use a cellphone or PC to access the password-protected Schlage LiNK portal. Consumers also get e-mail or text notifications when specific user codes are entered on a lock's keypad, and they can access a 90-day log showing who accessed a specific lock at different times. Users can also set up temporary entry codes for day workers, such as plumbers. A $12.99 monthly subscription fee is required for 24-hour remote access.

Schlage's $299 LiNK System Starter Kit includes one Schlage wireless deadbolt or lock, a Schlage Bridge, an Ethernet cable, necessary batteries and one Schlage Light Module. The Bridge connects to the home's existing router and uses Z-Wave wireless technology to transmit data to the wireless lock. Additional Schlage wireless deadbolts or locks are $199 each.

Schlage and Trane are brands offered by Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions.


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