Savant's Antitrust Suit vs. Crestron Advances


Osterville, Mass. -


won another legal round in pursuing its federal antitrust lawsuit against fellow home-automation supplier Crestron when a federal judge denied a second motion to dismiss the suit, Savant said.

 The May 19 decision by a judge in U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts was the second time that the court denied a motion by Crestron to dismiss the suit, Savant said.  Crestron must now file a "substantive response" to Savant's complaint, after which the case will proceed to formal discovery, Savant said.

 Last September, Savant announced it

filed the suit

against its larger competitor in the large home- and commercial-automation rival, charging Crestron with illegally stifling competition by "threatening or financially disincentivizing dealers who offer or express an interest in offering Savant products."  Savant began offering its first products, based on Apple's OS, in mid 2008.

  Savant has claimed that Crestron "has unlawfully sought to exclude Savant from the network of dealers who purchase programmable controllers for residential and commercial automation, particularly high-end home automation, from manufacturers like Crestron and Savant for resale to installers and end users in the market."

  The alleged illegal conduct "included entering into exclusionary agreements with dealers which preclude them from offering Savant's products, as well as threatening, or cutting financial incentives for dealers who offer or express an interest in offering Savant products," Savant said last September. These activities, Savant alleged, are "calculated to restrain competition from Savant by precluding its access to the dealer network and to protect Crestron's monopoly position in the market."

 The suit also alleges that Crestron "has repeatedly published knowingly false statements about Savant and its products, all with the intent to unfairly compete with Savant."


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