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Sanyo Offers High-Brightness 3LCD and DLP Projectors

Orlando, Fla. — Sanyo unveiled at InfoComm, here, a pair of high-brightness projectors targeting a variety of commercial applications, including medical imaging.

Models PDG-DET100L ($14,995 suggested retail) and PLC-WTC500L ($6,995) ship this month and are said to offer a series of features to simplify operation and reduce maintenance.

The PDG-DET100L is a DLP projector offering 7,500 lumens of brightness output, and SXGA resolution up to 1,400 by 1,050 pixels. When the DICOM Simulation mode is activated, the PDG-DET100L projects X-ray images clearly and precisely, making it well suited for medical applications.

Brightness is enhanced through the use of a 330W VIDI dual UHP lamp system. Colors reproduction is achieved through the use of a user-changeable, two-color-wheel system. The color wheel that ships in the system is optimized for higher brightness. A second color wheel that is optimized for rich color reproduction is included in the package.

Other features include a dust-resistant Sealed Optical Engine, which prevents dust build up, while maintaining optimal brightness and contrast. An Edge Blending function allows for boundary-less images with multi-image display possibilities.

The PLC-WTC500L is a 3LCD projector with 5000 lumens of brightness, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and delivers a WXGA (1,280 by 800) native resolution. A Lamp Selection System automatically selects one of two lamps, enabling up to 6,000 hours of operation before lamp replacement is necessary.

Other features include an IC-equipped Lamp Box for Projection Time Management, a user-changeable, dual-color-wheel system optimized for higher brightness. An included second color is optimized for rich color reproduction. A built-in Color Matching management function corrects variations in color reproduction when using more than one projector.

The unit also employs a dust-resistant Sealed Optical Engine and provides an Edge Blending function.

The Alternating mode allows a rotating pattern that alternates the two lamps’ use time, while the Relay mode uses one lamp continuously then switches lamps when the first one is no longer usable.

Both models feature picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes, an Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system, and an advanced lens function with power vertical/horizontal lens shift plus a 360-degree vertical tilt, allowing the projectors to be positioned almost anywhere, including the ceiling or the floor. The vertical shift provides a maximum adjustment of more than 50 percent with the horizontal shift providing a maximum adjustment of +/-15 percent. A mechanical shutter completely blocks out lamplight.