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Sanyo: ‘Loaded’ $299 PND Shipping

Chatsworth, Calif. — Sanyo is shipping one of the slimmest personal navigation devices (PNDs) on the market, and one of the most competitively priced for its features, said the company.

The Easy Street NVM-4370 has a 4.3-inch screen with text-to-speech street-name pronunciation and 3-D junction view to indicate which lane to enter in complicated highway intersections. The device also offers Bluetooth, FM modulator, MP3 and video player, photo viewer and 7 million points of interest at a suggested retail of $299.

It also has a text-messaging feature where texts sent to a Bluetooth phone may appear as text on the PND’s screen.

“We have the most features for that price,” said Christopher Wegener, national sales and marketing manager for Sanyo, which claims to be the PND market leader in Japan with a 65 percent share. Most of its U.S. sales are through online retailers.

The NVM-4370 also includes maps of the full United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and it has a video input for a backup camera.