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Sanyo Adds Integrated Audio To Projector Mount

Chatsworth, Calif.
– Sanyo introduced today two new ultra-short-throw projector mounts that
integrate a high-output audio playback system.

Designed for the
educational market, the MT-EDU101 and MT-EDU102 eliminate the need to use the
projector’s internal speakers or a separate audio system by incorporating a
50-watt two-channel amplifier and two 25-watt rated two-way speakers into the
chassis of the mount.

The ported
speakers use 5-inch woofers and directional tweeters and are tuned to provide
optimal sound coverage in large rooms, including a standard 32-foot by 32-foot
classroom, so as not to overwhelm listeners seated closer to the projector with
excessive sound levels.

A line-level
microphone jack, two sets of stereo RCA inputs and a mini stereo jack are
located on the side of the mount chassis, and each input has an individual gain
preset control to accommodate multiple external audio sources, including wired
and wireless microphones, without complicated wiring arrangements, the company

The mounts work
with single- or dual-stud constructions with 16-inch, 18-inch or 24-inch
spacing, and can also be mounted to concrete.

A universal
mounting mechanism allows the mounts to be used with any brand short-throw

The mounts provide
a pitch adjustment of ±16.5 degrees, a 7.5-degree roll adjustment and a
41-degree yaw trim. Total weight capacity is 50 pounds.

An integral cable
routing system allows concealed management of signal and power cables, which
pass from the projector through the arm and into the wall mount. Security for
mounting of additional A/V equipment such as PCs or control modules is
available by using additional security hardware, available separately, that
fastens to the wall mount.

For short throws,
the MT-EDU101 extends 7 to 27 inches from the wall. It retails for $949. For
longer throw distances, the otherwise identical MT-EDU102 adds an extension
pole to place the projector from 37 to 67 inches from the wall. It retails for

Both models will
be available in April.

“Our new audio
package is a great solution for educational and other environments where the
tiny speakers typically found in projectors are inadequate and installation of
separate audio systems is impractical or too expensive,” said Sam Malik, marketing
director for Sanyo’s presentation technologies group. “Integrating the audio
into the mount makes for a clean and simple installation that puts the speakers
in the ideal room location. Years after installation, users will find the
inputs and controls simple to use and the audio quality robust.”