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Sanyo Adds 4 Business, Education Projectors

Chatsworth, Calif. — Sanyo introduced Thursday four portable LCD projectors targeting the business and education markets.

Models PLC-XU355 ($2,595 suggested retail), PLC-XU350 ($1,495), PLC-XU305 ($2,395) and PLC-XU300 ($1,295) will all ship in May and are said to provide easy setup and use. Models XU355 and XU305 add a wireless setting that Mark Holt, Sanyo presentation technologies division VP, said offers “the easiest and fastest setup for quick presentations with a PC or notebook.”

The feature, which Sanyo calls a “Simple Wireless Setting,” uses a supplied USB flash-memory drive connection to quickly establish a wireless connection with a PC or MAC.

Either projector can be connected wirelessly to multiple computers or up to five projectors can be connected to a single computer, Sanyo said.

No special programs or drivers need to be installed on the computer.

Models XU355 and XU305 also features 1,024 by 768 resolution; a 4:3 aspect ratio; 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and video inputs including DVI-I (HDCP), mini D-sub 15 (analog RGB), S-Video and composite.

Model XU355 have 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness output, while the XU305 has 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

Both units have wide-range, 1.6x optical-zoom lens, and built-in 7-watt mono speakers.

Dimensions of each are: 12.8 inches by by 3.27 inches by 9.1-inches, and they each weigh less than 7 pounds.

Models PLC-XU350 and PLC-XU300 both feature 1,024 by 768 resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and video inputs including two mini D-sub 15s (analog RGB).

Brightness of the XU350 is listed at 3,500 ANSI lumens, while the brightness on the XU300 is 3,000 lumens.

Both units weigh 5.7 pounds.

All four models are equipped with Sanyo’s PJ network interface, allowing for integration into a wired network, which makes it possible for the projector’s functions and operation to be monitored from a long distance or within a Web browser.

All models also include an easy-setup function, which includes auto input signal search, auto vertical keystone correction and a guidance function.

The auto input signal search automatically detects the input signal and makes the necessary internal settings.

The auto vertical keystone correction function automatically detects its position angle and corrects for any image distortion.

The guidance function displays onscreen connection instructions when there is no input signal detected, enabling easy setup for expert users and novices alike.

All models can be powered up as soon as the power cord is connected. There is no need to press any buttons on the remote control or the projector. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the bulb to cool down after a presentation. The power cord can be disconnected immediately after turning off the projector.