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Sanus, Lift-Tech Announce Mount Additions

New York — Sanus Systems and Lift-Tech announced additions to the flat-panel TV mount market yesterday.

Sanus’ VisionMount LA112 full-motion wall mount, backed by CLO Systems technology, features 20-degree down tilt, 7-degree up tilt, 28-degree side-to-side swivel and up to 12 inches of extension. The mount sits 4.6 inches from the wall when fully retracted. Four programmable settings allow favorite viewing angles to be saved and set at the touch of a button.

Other features include an internal cable management system; a universal remote control with TV, DVD and mount control functions; flexible bellows surrounding the mount’s interior, protecting mechanical components; an IR receiver; and RS-232 port.

The LA112 is engineered for flat-panel TVs ranging from 40 inches to 63 inches and up to 180 pounds. It is currently available for a suggested $1,199.

Lift-Tech introduced its next-generation swivel control system for the company’s LT-200-S series of motorized flat-panel TV lifts. The system will be introduced in December, and is included in the price of the lift. Specific pricing can obtained by contacting the company.

The mount offers a “TV”-type IR remote control, IR eye input, two IR repeater outputs, simultaneous RF and IR operation, and higher- resolution swivel position reading —12 bit vs. 10 bit A/D converter. It also comes with manual override of lift, swivel and solenoid operation.