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SanDisk Ships High-Capacity SD Card

Milpitas, Calif. — SanDisk announced it will ship a 4GB SD High-Capacity card (SDHC) to dealers this month.

SanDisk is the second manufacturer, behind Panasonic, to introduce the new SD card format. While the new SDHC card is the same form factor as existing SD cards, they will only work in devices that support the new SDHC format — they are not backward compatible with existing SD card slots.

SanDisk will differentiate its new cards with an SDHC logo on the card and retail package.

The new SDHC standard, which was developed by the SD Association, will allow the SD card to reach a capacity of 32GB, SanDisk said.

SanDisk will bundle its MicroMate USB 2.0 reader with the new card, as existing SD card readers cannot read the new format. The MicroMate can read traditional SD cards in addition to SDHC cards.

The 4GB SDHC card will retail for a suggested $199.99.