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Samsung, Sony Lead Placements For HD, Ultra HD TVs: Study

SAN DIEGO – So far this year, three brands are controlling 56 percent of weighted retail shelf space for HD and FullHD flat-panel TVs: Samsung, Vizio and LG.

But for Ultra HD TV, Sony is the clear leader, holding 37 percent share, followed by Samsung and LG, according to findings from a pre-spring TV model refresh study conducted by Gap Intelligence

However, several companies will debut new Ultra HD models in coming weeks, including Vizio, which is expected to shake the order up somewhat, at least in the retail shelf share rankings.

Regarding ad share, Gap found that two TV types show that Samsung placed 39 percent of all standard HD ads during the first two months of the year, while Sony and Samsung shared the same 39 percent of Ultra HD ads.

LG follows the top spot in both categories, with 9 percent of standard HD ads and 13 percent of Ultra HD ads, Gap said.

“Vizio has traditionally held back with its ads, so it will be interesting to watch their Ultra HD strategy going forward and see whether or not they increase ads for the new high-end models, or continue to concentrate on gaining placements without heavy advertising,” noted Deirdre Kennedy, Gap TV market analyst.