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Samsung Reveals Prices For 2013 TV Line

NEW YORK – Samsung used a press showcase here Wednesday to unveil its 2013 TV lineup and to reveal pricing on select models for the first time.

Samsung’s LED LCD TVs and plasma sets begin shipping now through April, with additional model offerings expected later in the year.

Key features within both technology lines this year are improved speech recognition, Trackpad remote control operation, and Samsung’s “S-recommendation” TV program viewing suggestions personalized for each viewer.

For 2013, Samsung’s entry 5000 and 6300 LCD TV series will offer direct backlit LED technology, and will step up from there to edge-lit LED in other series.

The F5000 series includes the 46-inch ($750 unilateral price policy) and 50-inch ($900 UPP) screen sizes with FullHD 1080/60p resolution.

The F5500 series includes the 32- ($480), 40- ($630), 46- ($830), 50-inch ($1,000) screen sizes.

The F6300 models include the 32- ($700), 40- ($849), 46- ($1,100), 50- ($1,300), 55- ($1,600), 60-inch ($1,700) and 65-inch ($2,300) screen sizes. Most models include Smart TV 2.0 functionality with full web browsing, dualcore processing and S-recommendation.

The F6400 models include the 65-inch ($2,500), 60- ($1,900) and 55-inch ($1,700), 50- ($1,400) and 46-inch ($1,200) screen sizes.

The step-up F7100 series features LED edge lighting, 240Hz refresh rates, FullHD 3D capability, Ultra Slim bezel designs, micro dimming LED technology, and a trackpad remote control. Screen sizes include 46 inches ($1,600), 55 inches ($2,100), 60 inches ($2,400), 65 inches ($2,900) and 75 inches ($6,000).

The F7500 series screen sizes include the 46 inches ($1,900), 55 inches ($2,400), and 60 inches ($2,700).

The F8000 series adds to that a pop-up HD camera, quad-core processor, full Motion Control, speech recognition and MHL adapter.

Screen sizes include 46 inches ($2,200), 55 inches ($2,700), 60 inches ($3,000), 65 inches ($3,500) and 75 inches ($8,000).

The 2013 plasma line this year is divided between the top-end F8500, the midline F5500 and F5300 series and the entry F4500 series.

The F8500 models include the 51-inch ($2,200 suggested retail), the 60-inch ($3,200) and the 64-inch ($3,700) screen sizes.

The new models are said to have improved black-level and white-level performance from last year, a faster quadcore processor to speed up the Smart TV 2.0 system and content searches, a pop-up HD conferencing camera, improved gesture- and speech-recognition technology and a new Smart Touch touchpad remote control.

The F5500 series features Samsung’s FullHD plasma panel with 3D, Cinema smooth, Smart TV 2.0 and limited motion control. It lacks the HD camera and the new brighter/ darker plasma panel found only on the F8500 series.

The F5500 models include the 51-inch PN51F5500 ($850), the 60-inch PN60F5500 ($1,200) and the 64-inch PN64F5500 at ($2,100).

All offer FullHD 1080p resolution, Cinema Smooth circuitry, Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology, and Smart TV 2.0 powered by a dual-core processor. Other features include Smart Interaction 2.0, voice control and limited motion control.

Sets come with a Smart Touch remote control and two pairs of 3D active-shutter glasses.

The entry F4500-series models include the 43-inch PN43F4500 ($400 suggested retail) and the 51-inch PN51F4500 ($550). Both feature 720p HD resolution.