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Samsung Adds Mini Cams

New York — Samsung used a line review here to show its fall camcorder entries, highlighted by one of the industry’s most compact high-definition models, and a dual-format cam that uses both recordable DVD and flash-memory storage.

The SC-HMX10 (shipping in September at an $849 suggested retail) is the company’s latest contribution to the HD camcorder market. The compact unit captures 1280 by 720p HD images to its 8GB of built-in flash memory using H.264 compression. At the super fine level (1280 by 780p) the camcorder will store 45 minutes of HD video on its 8GB memory. That capacity is expandable using SD/MMC card slot with SDHC capability for recording on up to a 32GB memory card.

Images are recorded using 1.5-megapixel CCD with digital image stabilization. Other features include a 2.7-inch-wide touchscreen LCD; docking cradle; and USB, A/C and A/V component connections. The camcorder will allow making simple cut-and-paste edits in the camcorder, or more elaborate productions using supplied editing software for a PC.

Samsung also adds its new i-Check system, which allows users to quickly check the amount of battery life and storage capacity available for shooting.

Other features in the HD model include a 10x optical zoom and HDMI v1.3 output.

Samsung also introduced the SC-MX10, which Darryl Cole, Samsung camcorders marketing manager, described as “a $299 YouTube cam.”

The camcorder, which ships in August at a $349 suggested retail, features the same compact body configuration as the high-definition SC-HMX10, but is designed to take quick standard-definition images and stills that users can easily place on the Internet in a matter of minutes.

Recordings are made in MPEG-4 compression to SD flash memory. A 512MB card ships with the unit.

Key features include a 34x optical zoom lens, i-Check, 640K CCD, SDHC capability, secondary zoom and record controls that work with a special swivel grip for multiple camera angles.

Samsung also unveiled a new compact hybrid flash-memory/DVD camcorder that enables DVD burning without any external connections.

Model SC-DX10, shipping in October at a $599 suggested retail, records videos on 4GB of built-in flash memory for quick shots directly on the camera. Users can later burn their videos from the flash memory directly to a DVD within the camera itself. Unlike some competitive dual-format models, Samsung’s approach will allow burning to disc using the unit’s own battery with no need to plug in additional cables.

In addition an SD/MMC memory card slot is available for still pictures. The unit’s CCD will capture up to 1-megapixel photos.

Users also have the ability to record directly to DVDs on the fly if the 4GB of internal flash memory fills up.

Other features in the SC-DX10 include a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen, a swivel hand-grip that adjusts for regular and low angle shooting and Samsung’s i-Check function that quickly tells the user how much battery life and memory is available for shooting.

Other features of the SC-DX10 include 26x optical zoom/1,200x digital zoom, Schneider lens optics, next image stabilizer, USB 2.0/PictBridge, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio recording, slow-shutter night mode and F1.6/30mm diameter lens.