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Russound To Unveil Wireless Audio Products

DENVER — Russound is bringing a pair of wireless audio products to CEDIA Expo.

The Xstream X5 is a networked tabletop music-streamer/ amplifier that can be used to create a decentralized 16-zone wireless-audio system if 16 X5 devices are added to a home network.

The system can be controlled from an iOS or Android app, and users will get the option to add control from one of three locally wired keypads already available from Russound for its centralized wired multi-room audio systems.

The device incorporates an audio amplifier to connect to passive speakers, preamplifier to connect to an outboard amp, Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, AirPlay, embedded music-streaming services and DLNA net working. It also features analog RCA and optical digital inputs to connect to a local source, such as a TV.

Sources played back by one X5 can be distributed to other X5 devices. Such sources can include a smart TV’s music-streaming services if the X5 is connected to the TV’s audio outputs.

The Xstream X1, which will ship later than the X5, is designed as a wire-replacement product and consists of a wireless transmitter and wireless receivers.

The wireless products will be sold through Russound’s current custom-install dealers and aren’t intended for over-the-counter sales.

Pricing and ship dates will be announced at the show.