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Russound Adds Control Option For E Series

N.H. – Russound added a new in-wall keypad
controller to its selection of control options in its high-end E series of
multi-zone audio systems.

The $599 KLK-E6
double-gang keypad features a click wheel, hard buttons and an LCD screen with
seven selectable colors. It joins the $599 KLK-E5, which offers the same
features but uses a grayscale LCD display.

On both models, a
touch-sensitive click wheel selects sources and navigates a menu, while six
hard buttons are used for frequently used commands. A built-in IR receiver
works with handheld remote controls. The LCD screen displays source activity as
well as metadata such as artist, song, title, playlist and channel. The keypads
also support custom names for presets, banks, themes and sources.

The keypads can be
mounted in the wall or in Russound’s DTS1 desktop stand.

components include the


multi-zone controller/amplifier at $5,650. The 12-source/eight-zone component
features 16×50-watt amp, built-in RDS AM/FM tuner, a slot for an optional
satellite-radio tuner, and remote-zone control to manage any room’s audio
functions from keypads and touchscreens in other rooms. The ACA-E5 also lets
users group multiple zones to control them as a single group.

The keypads also
control the SMS3 Smart Media Server, iBridge Dock and Bay, and the ST2 Dual
Smart Tuners with AM/FM and satellite-radio options.