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Runco Intros LED-Based DLP Projectors

Runco International (booth 3069) will use CEDIA Expo to introduce more than a dozen new products, including a pair of 1080p DLP projectors that use new long-lasting LED light sources instead of conventional lamps.

The company will also show its new DHD 3 processor with the company’s most advanced scaling capabilities and installation versatility to date; new additions to the Video Xtreme line of 1080p performance projectors, including the VX-33i, VX-33d, and VX-3000i, VX-3000d and VX-3000Ultra; and Runco will unveil its Lifestyle series featuring three premiere projectors with “breakthrough pricing” and a sleek new chassis design, it said.

The highlights of the offerings will be the Q-750i and Q-750d LED-based DLP projectors, which were said to have been developed by Runco engineers working in tandem with Texas Instruments.

The Q-750i, which will ship in November at a $14,995 suggested retail, includes integrated video processing while the Q-750d, which ships in November at a $17,995 suggested retail, omits internal processing for those wishing to use one of Runco’s advanced external DHD devices.

Both units are said to yield 70 percent less energy, and eliminate the need to use a color wheel.

Runco said its projectors are “unlike any other LED product,” using proprietary coding to deliver “the widest color gamut ever available in consumer front projection.”

The color gamut, which covers DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative), Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC 709 and REC 601 standards, produces “exact reproduction of HD movies, television and games,” Runco said.

Runco pointed out that the Q-750i and Q-750d are also “the first projectors to offer Adobe RGB gamut to properly view digital photography for professional graphic design, photography, printing or home use.

Runco said it is the only manufacturer to allow independent color correction. Using its Personal Color Equalizer (Runco PCE) individual colors can be dialed both up and down to adjust images to desired levels.

Much like an audio equalizer, the PCE offers a six-axis (R, G, B, C, Y, M) color adjustment and can be individually dialed up and down for every video source and multiple preferences.

When properly adjusted by a Runco installer, the PCE allows for oversampling and a more dynamic range, the company said.

Once set, an internal color sensor adjusts the color to the applied settings every time it is turned on.

A Runco Smart Color system (RSM) offers a proprietary hue compensation curve and gamut mapping for accurate flesh tones with increased color saturation, without impacting other color, Runco said.

The projectors also enable zero black lumens, for absolute blacks, and increased color brightness to 135 percent of NTSC colors (lamp-based models offer only 71 percent) measuring 300:1.

Runco’s InfiniLight system uses solid-state LED illumination to provide a virtual lifetime light source, the company said.

The black-and-white contrast performance on both models ranges from 20,000:1 to infinity (immeasurable) and are the first of the company’s projectors to measure ColorContrast, which is the ratio of the darkest colors to the brightest colors and allows additional headroom to “turn up” the colors without clipping.

Meanwhile, the DHD 3 offers a full ISF calibration suite and enables individual display calibration through the controller without the need to access the on-screen display controls.

The new Backup, Recovery and Clone (Runco BRiC) tool allows an installer to apply the calibration settings, including preset commands, input timing or connector, to other networked video displays.

The DHD 3 is the only processor to feature Runco’s advanced Vivix III 1080p processing with Vivix VirtualWide and new VirtualCinema aspect ratios.

Runco’s new Video Xtreme projectors combine 1080p SuperOnyx DLP resolution with 3-chip engineering. Images are supplied with the DHD 3 Controller.

The Video Xtreme projectors include motorized AxiShift horizontal and vertical lens shift capability, CinOptx lenses and O-Path light path enhancement technology.

The Video Xtreme projectors are available with Runco’s CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope technology options.

The new Lifestyle series will include three premiere projectors.