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Rockford Ships Helix-Brand Car Amp/DSP

Tempe, Ariz. – Rockford has begun
shipping a Helix-branded amplifier/digital signal processor (DSP), which is designed to upgrade factory sound
systems by adding higher power and by tuning the sound to a car’s interior.

The $549-suggested
Helix PP50 Digital
Signal Processor PP50 connects to a factory
head’s speaker-level outputs. Its amp section is rated at 8×40 watts. An optional
companion enclosed subwoofer is available.

 Unlike other car DSP systems, the PP50 doesn’t require installers to use
a microphone and pink-noise generator to tune the system when
installed in multiple specific vehicle models.

To tune the sound
system to a specific vehicle, installers download acoustic-correction
algorithms for a specific vehicle via the web in 90 seconds, then side-load
them to an SD Memory Card. The car is then plugged into the system. If an
algorithm is unavailable for a specific vehicle, installers will be able to
hand-tune the audio system.

algorithms for multiple top-selling vehicles, but the precise number of
vehicles was unavailable.

The device features optional USB interface to
adjust DSP,

three time-alignment modes, separate front/rear high-pass and subwoofer
low-pass crossovers, 16 manual DSP adjustments
via dipswitches, quick installation via vehicle-specific interfaces that make
wire cutting unnecessary, and an input for MP3 players or portable navigation



brand of high-performance amps and
speakers are
developed by mobile-audio supplier Audiotec Fischer of Germany, Rockford is the
exclusive North American distributor.