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Rainbow DBS To Launch This Week

Cablevision’s Rainbow DBS satellite service division will launch its new HDTV-intensive satellite television service — which it is calling VOOM — on Oct. 15.

As reported (TWICE, Sept. 15, p. 1), the new satellite service plans to offer a base of 39 high-definition channels, including 21 exclusive HD channels from Rainbow Media.

The company is banking on its extensive package of HDTV channels as the key difference over rival direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services DirecTV and EchoStar. To date, those services have offered “no more than seven HDTV channels” each, Rainbow DBS said.

Along with HDTV programming, the service will carry 88 of “the most popular” cable channels in standard definition. The VOOM receivers also will be equipped with ATSC and NTSC terrestrial tuners to receive over-the-air digital and analog TV channels.

VOOM will initially broadcast in MPEG-2, with an upgrade to MPEG-4 currently expected for the third quarter of 2004, the company said. Using MPEG-4, Rainbow DBS will be able to broadcast more than 200 channels, including at least 39 HDTV services.

Hardware for the VOOM service will include a satellite dish, set-top receiver and a digital antenna for local broadcast signals. In markets with local HDTV programming, local channels will be integrated into the same user interface with the VOOM offerings, the company said.

Rainbow DBS said its receiver is the only one on the market designed to be easily upgraded to MPEG-4, “so that customers will not have to replace their receivers to enjoy the additional programming choices.”

Rainbow DBS has arranged to sell its receiver systems, which are manufactured by Motorola, through Sears locations.

The company said it would formally unveil further details on the VOOM service on the Oct. 15 launch date, but invited early birds who want to subscribe to the service to submit their names on the company’s Web site at

Meanwhile, the company said it has named Mickey Alpert, formerly of Alpert & Associates and one-time senior officer of Comsat, as senior executive VP of Rainbow DBS and chief operating officer, reporting to Cablevision chairman Charles Dolan.

Rainbow DBS also named Bill Casamo, one-time sales and marketing executive VP for DirecTV, and before that sales and marketing VP for Thomson Consumer Electronics, as Rainbow DBS sales and marketing executive VP.

Jay Aldrich, formerly Alpert & Associates senior VP and one time senior executive with PrimeTime 24, was named Rainbow DBS finance executive VP.