RadioShack Getting iPhone

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Fort Worth, Texas - RadioShack will begin carrying Apple's iPhone, filling a critical void in its mobility assortment and strategy.

The nation's largest wireless chain will start selling the 3G and 3Gs models in its New York metro and Dallas-Fort Worth-area stores later this month, and will roll them out to company-owned stores nationwide in 2010.

Apple's iconic smartphone had been off limits to RadioShack, which is building much of its go-forward strategy around its mobility business. Mobile represents about a third of the chain's annual sales, and RadioShack has bolstered the operation in recent months by adding T-Mobile to its carrier offering and Verizon to its third-party kiosk business, which services Sam's Club and more recently Target.

Although iPhone is late to RadioShack's lineup, the addition still lends it greater wireless credibility, and parity with leading iPhone outlets Best Buy, Walmart, AT&T and, of course, Apple.

RadioShack added the announcement "iPhone 3Gs: Coming soon to select stores" on the home page of its Web site.


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