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Quixel: Home Theater Projector Sales Still Grow

Portland, Ore — Quixel Research reports that even while consumers are surrounded by a sea of flat-panel TV options, a loyal bevy of home theater enthusiasts continue to support the front-projection category with both revenue and unit sales increasing in the second quarter 2007.

Quixel’s Home Theater and Entertainment Front Projector Market Review for Q2 2007 revealed that unit sales were up 4 percent from Q1 2007 to Q2 2007 and values were up 6 percent for the same time period.

“For many passionate home theater buffs, a front projector is the only way to have a ‘big-screen’ experience,” states Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel’s principal. “Higher-resolution models have really shined a light on the category again. However, there are devotees at all price levels and now there are enough options, both well known and niche brands, that almost anyone can have an immersive experience in their home and even outdoors for that matter.”

Strong sales of 1080p models supported much of the unit and revenue increase in the second quarter 2007. Volume for 1080p home theater front projectors was up 37 percent from Q1 2007 to Q2 2007 and more than 700 percent year-to-year. Revenues for the 1080p segment were up 13 percent and captured 36 percent of the total front-projection category. Overall revenues for the home theater front-projection category were up 8 percent from Q1 2007 to Q2 2007 or grew from $137 million, to $148 million, quarter-to-quarter. Year-to-year the category was up 6 percent.