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Procella Upgrades DSP Subwoofer

Los Angeles – Procella Audio has begun shipping an upgraded version of its P15 active DSP subwoofer with dual 15-inch drivers, which have been redesigned to deliver deeper low-frequency response, higher continuous and peak output levels, and a greater level of detail and control, the company said.

The P15’s price remain unchanged at a suggested $5,999, but frequency response has been pushed down to below 20Hz from 22Hz, and output has been increased to 127dB at 50Hz and 1 meter from 125dB, thanks to a new long-throw 15-inch woofer with 3-inch voice coil and high-efficiency neodymium magnets. Each driver is still powered by its own DSP-controlled 350-watt amplifier, which are able to deliver more current, and thus output, because the new drivers present a lower impedance, a spokesman said. The DSP circuitry has been redesigned for the new drivers.

Because of the changes, the speaker’s performance level is now closer to that of the company’s flagship P18 with dual active 18-inch drivers at $9,999, the Sweden-based company said.

The P15 sub is designed for medium-to large-sized rooms up to about 3,000 cubic feet. It features a compact heavily braced, sealed-box cabinet design enclosure that is wide and shallow to allow for placement against walls or built into walls. It is 8.7 inches deep. Its 28bit/56 bit ADI Sigma DSP control tunes the subwoofer and compensates for room location boundary conditions. Four boundary pre-sets are designed for free-standing placement, corner placement, location against a wall and mounting in a baffle wall.

The P18 offers these features plus 4-inch voice coils, dual 18-inch drivers and two 700-watt amps in a sealed, shallow cabinet only 14.2 inches deep. It delivers 133dB of output at 50Hz and 1 meter for rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet.