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Primestar Users Being Lured By DirectTv Promo

In a move to jump start the process of migrating Primestar subscribers to the DirecTv platform, RadioShack recently ran a promotion offering Primestar customers who had registered for Primestar service at one of its stores a free RCA DirecTv receiver system and installation kit.

RadioShack issued notices to all Primestar subscribers in its records offering a free single-LNB RCA DirecTv system that would normally sell for $149.99, if they registered prior to July 11, 1999. They were also offered the choice of a free self-installation kit or a discounted rate of $99 on professional installation service.

After acquiring Primestar’s assets and subscribers, DirecTv announced its intention to offer special terms to help Primestar customers transition to its 18″ dish platform. The Primestar service will be continued through the year, but will eventually be discontinued.

Rick Borinstein, RadioShack senior marketing VP, said the promotion is tied to DirecTv’s efforts. “With the situation going on with Primestar,” said Borinstein, “we thought it would be good to be proactive with our customers.” DirecTv also is offering those customers $100 worth of free pay-per-view coupons.

Separately, ValueVision, the home-shopping network partly owned by NBC and GE Capital Services, is being added to the direct-broadcast satellite platforms of DirecTv and EchoStar.

The addition of the satellite platforms gives ValueVision a potential audience of more than 23 million viewers.