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PowerFilm Adds Solar-Powered USB Charger To Line

Ames, Iowa — PowerFilm has added to its line of PowerFilm Solar portable charger product line, with a USB and AA battery solar charger.

PowerFilm is a developer and manufacturer of solar panels.

The announcement was made at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008 in Salt Lake City. The charger, which is described by the company as ultra-compact and lightweight, is designed for recharging iPods and other portable CE devices. It can also be used for charging AA batteries directly. It reportedly weighs 4.5 ounces (without batteries) and can fold to the size of a billfold.

Power is said to be generated by the company’s thin film solar panels and then stored in two internal removable AA NiMH batteries so CE devices can be powered during the day and at night. The solar-recharged AA batteries also may be used to power devices separately, said PowerFilm.