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Poll: Men Choose Big Screen TVs Over Peace, Happiness

San Francisco — Let’s see: Peace and happiness, or a large screen TV. Hmmm…

While some would argue that the latter could contribute to the former, there was no wavering among men polled by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and, the personal technology Website. Asked in a recent CNET Holiday Study to choose, from a variety of answers, what they wanted most this holiday season, the No. 1 pick among male respondents was “big screen TV,” with “peace and happiness” coming in second. Filling out the Top Five holiday wishes were “paying off bills;” “new computer”—“family being together” (tie); and “good health.”

Women’s priorities were different. Female respondents chose “peace and happiness” as their No. 1 holiday wish, followed by “family being together”—“paying off bills” (tie); “good health”; “digital camera”; and “money”—“major home remodel”—car” (tie).

“In defense of men, I can only say that they must equate big-screen televisions with their own personal peace and happiness,” said Markus Mullarkey, VP of “More than any other technology products, big screen TVs seem to elicit the most product envy.”

In a separate question, asking respondents which CE device they most desired, men most frequently cited plasma TVs, HDTVs, notebook computers, digital cameras and LCD-TVs, in that order.

Top picks for women were notebook computers, digital cameras, plasma TVs, HDTVs/digital camcorders/computer monitors (tie), and portable MP3 or MiniDisc players/portable GPS devices/DVRs (tied).

“With prices for plasma, high-definition and LCD televisions coming down this season and the technology better than ever, it’s no surprise to see these products make the top of both men and women’s wish lists,” Mullarkey added. “While it’s a big investment, people are gravitating to these televisions as a holiday gift for the entire family to enjoy.”