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Polk Launches ‘Listen To The Music’ Promotion

BALTIMORE – Polk Audio launched what it called its most aggressive promotion campaign ever, teaming up with music group Walk Off The Earth, promoting an online talent-search contest, and deploying a product-laden tour bus around the U.S.

The “Listen To The Music” campaign will focus on promoting the company’s Heritage Collection of personal audio products, mainly to the 25- to 34-yearold age group.

The collection consists of multiple headphones including the new $199-suggested Nue Voe in-ear sculpted headphone, new $299 Camden Square portable Bluetooth speaker, and the previously announced $699 Woodbourne streaming tabletop speaker, which features AirPlay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad USB port, optical input to connect to a TV, and Dolby Digital decoding.

All of the products use metal, leather or wood with a vintage look to highlight Polk’s history of offering finely crafted products, said Blair Tripodi, chief marketing officer for Directed’s Sound United division. The division is responsible for Polk, Definitive Technology, and Boom Sound products.

The Heritage range mainly targets 25- to 34-yearolds interested in looks and functionality, Tripodi said. In the past, the look of Polk gear has been functional but not fashionable, and many in this demographic might perceive Polk as their father’s speaker brand, he noted.

The promotion will “open consumers’ eyes to the new Polk” and “open up a new audience,” Tripodi said.

To reach this group, Polk signed a promotional deal with Walk Off The Earth, which gained fame through its YouTube music videos, has just released its first album, and will launch its first national tour in January.

The band created an exclusive YouTube video to kick off the Listen To The Music campaign, which challenges up-and-coming bands to create a YouTube video of their version of the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen To The Music” song. Polk will post the music videos on the web, and in early December, the band will pick the top 10 videos. Consumers will vote to choose the winner, who will be announced Dec. 20.

The winning band will open for Walk Off The Earth and for John Legend, Definitive’s brand ambassador, during a private International CES concert at the Hard Rock Hotel.

While the contest is underway, Polk’s Listen To The Music bus will make 70 stops around the U.S. between now and CES to appear at store locations, retailers’ corporate offices, clubs and major events such as college football games. Radio stations will conduct live remote broadcasts from tour stops.

After CES, the bus will stay on the road through mid- March to appear at such events as the Super Bowl, SXSW and Mardi Gras.

At store locations, the bus will also be used for training.

The bus features product vignettes with active displays of Heritage products, soundbars, car audio and gaming products. A recording studio with cameras in the back of the bus is available for bands that want to compete in the talent contest but don’t have access to a recording studio with cameras. Polk will mix the music videos.

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