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PMA: Print Growth Slows

Jackson, Mich. — Weakening digital camera sales and a sagging economy have combined to depress digital print volumes, according to PMA.

The downward pressure was spotted in 2007, when PMA noted that the percentage of households making paper prints fell from 66 percent in 2006 to 60 percent.

All methods of print making have experienced a decline in growth, PMA said.

“Print volumes are not expected to increase in conjunction with the purchase of digital cameras as those purchasing additional cameras and upgrades are not likely to change printing behaviors,” the association noted. “Even first-time purchasers may not see the need for prints that once was directly tied to analog photofinishing. There is a wider variety of photo-storage options available for digital images also making it easier for consumers to view and share photos without making physical prints. Custom gift products, including photo books, are also becoming popular solutions for displaying digital images.”