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PMA: Digital Print Growth Continues

Jackson, Mich. — The number of prints produced from digital cameras continues to grow, according to the Photo Marketing Association’s (PMA) monthly printing and camera trends report.

The study found a 52 percent increase in print volume for the year, ending October 2006.

The fastest growing segment continues to be online ordering, which grew at a rate of 132 percent over the 12 months. Online orders that are mailed back home account for 11.4 percent of all print activity through the survey period, PMA said.

On the retail front, mini lab and kiosk print volumes grew 62 percent and 39 percent, respectively. Retail’s total share of print activity continues to climb, accounting for 45.7 percent of the market. Of that percentage, 13.9 percent of photos are printed instantly on a kiosk while 23.8 percent were sent from a kiosk or ordering terminal to a mini lab or handed to a store clerk. The remaining 8 percent were ordered online and picked up in-store.

The full report can be read here.