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Indianapolis - Pixel Technologies is at CEDIA Expo to show its QuadraBOOST Pro, a dual-band professional cellular signal boosting kit.

The Pro boosts the 850 MHz and 1,900 MHz bands using two high-gain outdoor panel antennas, one for each band, that be independently aligned to separate towers to maximize signal strength over an area of up to 20,000 square feet.

The output of the antennas is combined with a diplexer on a single standard RG-6 lead-in cable to a 60dB indoor bi-directional amplifier. The amplifier's gain can be reduced to optimize performance for installations where it is not practical to separate antennas sufficiently to prevent feedback problems, the company said.

It includes two interior antennas for multi-zone coverage: an indoor high-gain, 8 dBi/12 dBi dual-band directional antenna panel that can be flush-mounted to a wall or ceiling or supported by a supplied azimuth/elevation alignment bracket, and a secondary indoor 5 dBi dual-band indoor omni-directional antenna.

The kit also includes mounting hardware required for installation to a pole (up to 2 inches in diameter) or flat surface; grounding hardware to meet local electrical codes; a high-band/low-band antenna diplexer; a 3/6/10 dB in-line attenuator kit; wideband two-way signal splitter; and Coaxseal connector weather proofing.

Retail pricing for the kit will be announced.

Pixel Technologies is in booth 837.


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