Pioneer Updates HDJ-1000 Headphones

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Long Beach, Calif. - Pioneer Electronics has updated its HDJ-1000 headphones.

The headphones, which were introduced in their

first iteration in 2002

, carry features meant to be attractive to DJs, such as the use of low-rebound urethane for the ear pads, a swivel mechanism with 90-degree housing rotation, and a mono/stereo switch for single-ear use. The limited-edition versions will be offered in two colors: gold and black. The original chrome model is still available.

According to Pioneer, the 50mm drivers in the HDJ-1000 were turned to delivery more impact in lower bass frequencies. They have a 38-micrometer diaphragm and 1.5mm voice coil. Frequency range is listed at 5Hz to 30,000 Hz, with impedance at 36 ohms. The connection cord is a 1.2-meter side-mount coil cord.

They will be available in December for $209.


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