Pioneer Unveils Steez Line For Dancers

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Long Beach, Calif. - Pioneer Electronics launched Steez, a new brand of portable music products geared toward the dance community.


There are three models in the new line, all of which (when paired with a free software app) allow dancers to change music tempo, so song tracks can play at slower or faster speeds; set choreographed cue points, so a song can begin at a specific spot; "battle" with friends, with a countdown timer; create playlists; or set an Auto DJ mode that plays non-stop music mixes based on the genre.

The STZ-D10S-L Solo ($299) comes in light blue and is designed for the beginner dancer. It has 4GB of internal memory (like the rest of the line), a 2.4-inch LED QVGA screen, two 40mm drivers, 5-watt power output and an iPhone dock. It runs on six AA batteries or the AC adapter.

The STZ-D10T-G Duo ($349) comes in neon green and is touted as a rugged model for intermediate dancers and small groups. Features include a water-resistant design and a sealed iPod enclosure. The rest of the specs are the same as the Solo.

The red STZ-D10Z-R Crew ($499) is the largest of the three. It bumps up the screen size to 3.5 inches and has two 25mm tweeters and two 75mm woofers, as well as two 135mm dedicated subwoofers. Total output power is listed at 40 watts. It also has the sealed iPod enclosure. 

The line will be available in November.


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