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Pioneer Ships 1,080p PDP

Long Beach, Calif. — Pioneer announced that it has started shipping its long-awaited 50W-inch 1,080p plasma display monitor.

The new Pioneer Elite PureVision PRO-FHD1 ($10,000 suggested retail) offers full 1,920-by 1,080 pixel resolution and will accept full 1,080p signal sources through its HDMI input.

Pioneer said it reduced pixel size in order to fit more than 2 million pixels on screen. Each pixel measures 0.576 millimeters. This is said to increase picture depth, “particularly when viewing original content in 1,080p/24Hz, such as a movie on Blu-ray Disc, gives a truly 3-D effect,” Pioneer said.

The display also includes Pioneer’s deep encased cell structure, crystal-emissive layer and improved phosphor technologies to enhance image performance.