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Pioneer Offers PDP Power Supply Replacement

Pioneer Electronics (USA) said it will continue to provide consumers with a free, in-home power supply replacement for certain second- and third-generation plasma models that exhibit problems.

The company posted on its Web site, Nov. 19, 2004, that some affected models have produced loud popping sounds when the power supply fails. After the power supply fails, the plasma displays will no longer operate.

Pioneer said that “fewer than 1 percent of consumers who have purchased these models have experienced any problem with the original power supply. In addition, this reported issue does not pose any health or safety risk.”

The company will provide the free power supply replacement “to support its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction,” the company said.

The 13 affected models include the following: PDP-505HD, PDP-4330HD, PDP-503PU, PDP-4300, PDP-5030HD, PDP-4304, PDP-5031HD, PDP-4310, PRO-1000HD, PRO-800HD, PRO-1000HDI, PRO-800HDI and PDP-433PU.

Consumers who own one of the affected models may call Pioneer’s toll-free hotline at (800) 421-1404 to arrange for the free, in-home upgrade. If a consumer model is not listed, no power supply replacement is needed and no further action needs to be taken, Pioneer said.