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Philips Adding Fidelio Series Of iPod Speakers

New York – The


series of iPod-docking speaker systems from


steps up the company’s top-end
price point to $499, introduces a new curved styling, and features the
company’s first models with free iPhone/iPod Touch apps to add features.

 They’re also the company’s first iPod-docking
speaker systems to dock with iPhone and iPods with their protective cases on.

All are certified
as Works with iPhone.

The models, all
one-piece units ranging in price from $69.99 to $499, just became available
online, and all but the $69.99 model became available at Apple stores, a
spokeswoman said.

The free app for
all five models adds alarm clock, equalization settings, and sleep timer
functions to docked iPod Touches and iPhones.

At the top of the
line, the company said, the $499.99 DS 9000 features audiophile-quality two-way
drivers, 100-watt output, remote, and a curved-back chassis made of natural
wood, fabric and metal. A proximity sensor lights up a back-lit control panel
when someone approaches.

At the bottom of
the lineup, the $69.99 DS1100 consists of a round base with top-mounted dock
and embedded speakers, omnidirectional sound, and clock that synchronizes with
an iPhone/iPod clock when docked. It also features USB port to charge a
connected portable device.

Stepping up to
$79.99, the DS3000 features curved back, AC/DC operation, and iPod/iPhone
synchronization with a connected PC. The DS7550 at $99.99 features AC/DC
operation, slim design to take on the go, scratch-resistant coating and protective
case, aux input and Philips’s wOOx bass enhancement.

The $199.99 DS8500
comes with curved back, 30-watt output, remote and proximity sensor to light up
backlit controls.