PCS Debuts Digital Content Distribution Unit

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San Francisco - Pearing Core Systems (PCS), a digital media management technology resource, introduced Wednesday its PCS Stream Center, which combines digital content from a variety of sources and distributes it for playback throughout a home.

The PCS Stream Center system is said to be expandable and integrate content from a cable box, Blu-ray player, DVR, music files, digital photos, online media streaming and  others into one DVD-player-sized device.

"The Stream Center is the ultimate home entertainment system for the 21st century," stated Adrian Robins, PCS's founder. "The system is capable of housing all of your favorite digital content in one compact and stylish unit, giving you the freedom to wirelessly access that content throughout your home."

The system supports up to 1080p HD signal sources and 7.1 surround sound. System components include:

PCS Stream Center

- The core of the system, which records and stores TV SD and HD TV shows, music files and digital pictures.

Stream Extender

- Thin client boxes that can be placed throughout the house to access content stored on the Stream Center from any location.

Stream Server

- This is an expandable device shipping this summer that contains multiple HDTV tuners and hard drives to enable simultaneous recording of up to four channels.

Stream x360

- Also available this summer, this optional add-on enables integration of an Xbox 360 into the system.

All Stream Center system components are built in California and constructed from 1/8-inch steel plate and aircraft-gauge aluminum.

The Stream Center system can be ordered


at prices starting at $2,495.


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